I am no-nonsense, sarcastic, creative, patient and I'll make you laugh. That's a promise. I also don't take no nothin' from nobody and that goes for you, too. No excuses. You CAN do this. We'll figure it out together.

You are a self-starter and a champion of doing it yourself. You may not be the most tech-savvy of your peers, but you've got that, "Dammit, let me do it," spirit.

i offer traditional web and graphic design, consulting and training by the hour and a little shazam-wow-omg collaborative package called Do The Damn Thing.

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There are four ways to work with me

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Genesis Child Theme Customization

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Do The Damn Thing

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hollisgillespieI highly endorse Jami Howard because she’s brilliant. She is so clever, energetic, fearless and productive I have no doubt she will be the head of a huge company one day. As an instructor she’s amazing. The classes she teaches at my continuing education center always sell out, and she is always thinking of creative new ways to educate people on social media, blogging and marketing.

laurawhitakerNo money. No skill. No problem.

Our journey with Jami began after going through a series of web companies in which we were solely reliant on the professionals to update and maintain our site. As a non-profit, we longed for the day when updates could be done in a minute but were nervous about relying on our talent for the seemly complicated task.

Jami is a one-of-a-kind teacher who has a heart to make the online world “work” for any individual or companies needs. She reassured us that our desire for independence could be matched with a workable website. She was patient in teaching and innovative in helping design a site that both works for our needs and also tells the story of who we are at ESP– and the magic we create for people with disabilities.

2013-Victoria-Munoz-WHITE-683x1024I cannot say enough good things about Jami and the “Do the Damn Thing” experience. I feel like I am smarter because of it, I feel less overwhelmed by the web design experience, and I basically felt like we were collaborating as a team. Having the human interaction and support was beyond helpful. I am now able to to troubleshoot and have control over my own website while at the same time having support moving forward. If you want to co-create your website, learn something new in the process, and just do the damn thing already, Jami is your woman!
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