I am no-nonsense, sarcastic, creative, patient and I'll make you laugh. That's a promise. I also don't take no nothin' from nobody and that goes for you, too. No excuses. You CAN do this. We'll figure it out together.

You are a self-starter and a champion of doing it yourself. You may not be the most tech-savvy of your peers, but you've got that, "Dammit, let me do it," spirit.

i offer traditional web and graphic design, consulting and training by the hour and a little shazam-wow-omg collaborative package called Do The Damn Thing.

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IMG_5111I’ve known Jami for a pretty long time and I have to say she’s the best. I’ve never thought to go to anyone else when it comes to my design needs. She listens and always understands my vision. It’s a great feeling when you know there’s no way she would put something out there for me that she doesn’t love and is proud of. I can be confident in the fact that any job I need done she gets it right and it’s always above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. It doesn’t hurt that she’s hilarious too. ;)


I’ve been doing social media for two years now, and Jami is the person I always go to when I have questions. She’s a Facebook rock star, a fantastic designer, and incredibly dedicated to making her clients happy. She doesn’t just know her shit, she IS the shit.

donguthrieJami is very good at quickly grasping what the graphic design assignment is all about and then offering more than one creative solution for the client’s consideration. She is on time, efficient and easy to work with.

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