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A little bit geek, a whole lotta rebel... What started with a self-taught graphic designer doing a little personal blogging for fun has evolved into a pretty sweet gig for this southern shortie. I'm a personal trainer for your internet-self and I want to show you how to be your best online. A little hand-holding and some gentle nudging out of the nest, and pretty soon you'll be riding that horse into the sunset with no training wheels! (I may have smooshed a few metaphors there...)

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jami-new-headshotI am no-nonsense, sarcastic, creative, patient and I'll make you laugh. That's a promise. I also don't take no nothin' from nobody and that goes for you, too. No excuses. You CAN do this. We'll figure it out together.

You are a self-starter and a champion of doing it yourself. You may not be the most tech-savvy of your peers, but you've got that, "Dammit, let me do it," spirit.

I offer traditional web and graphic design, consulting and training by the hour and a little shazam-wow-omg collaborative package called Do The Damn Thing.

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I offer a full spectrum of services including graphic design for web and print, including brokerage pricing for most printed materials, drop-shipped to your door.
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I also specialize in WordPress consulting, design and development and work exclusively with Genesis by StudioPress. More details, pricing and specific services available here.

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Anna Pulley

I’ve been doing social media for two years now, and Jami is the person I always go to when I have questions. She’s a Facebook rock star, a fantastic designer, and incredibly dedicated to making her clients happy. She doesn’t just know her shit, she IS the shit.

Kristi Rosanski

Kristi Rosanski

Jami was amazing to work with and provided insight as to the limitations of my previous website. She is extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain the pros and cons of various options for creating and maintaining a new website. Once we discussed details she developed the site, supplied hosting information and everything was up and running in no time. Jami was both supportive and patient throughout the entire process and I am grateful for her expertise.

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Linda Hudson

When I decided to update my website I turned to a friend who had recently done the same. I loved her site so much that I asked who she had used for the design . She gave me the link to Jami. Once I contacted her, I knew we were a fit. She was warm, charming, professional and clearly very experienced in capturing the perfect solution for what was needed.

Even though I knew I could write it myself, we decided I needed someone who could see me from a different perspective and capture my vision a little differently from where I had been. Jami had a list, all women, ultimately leading to Charlotte Riley, another amazing woman, and together we formed a terrific team. As team leader, Jami always incorporated all the suggestions we had. She worked hard to make sure she got the exact colors, pictures and feel I wanted for the site. She made it so appealing, user friendly and inviting that the site draws you in and calms you down. It is in a word; perfect!

I was dreading this project but Jami and Charlotte made it fun, easy and creative. They worked at my pace and produced a product that makes me very proud. I can not recommend Jami highly enough. I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come. Well done Jami!

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