I was so excited when my mom finally agreed it was time to revamp her website. She had a hodgepodge of website assets – a website, a non-functioning store, a blog… None of which were serving her well. Her content was clunky and spread across several sites and it was becoming impossible to get any search engine optimization for her specialized classes or services as everything lived on the same page.

Pulling in everything onto one site that not only works, but works beautifully, was quite a challenge. It took weeks just to get her content organized – I wanted to really take advantage of the opportunities that WordPress could offer her in terms of content management. So taking my time to find the best setup for her was integral. Once we found the right fit for the content, we chose the MetroPro theme for it’s superior mobile responsive design. A few tweaks here and there to make it original, and she’s got a site that looks beautiful across ALL devices and is a great new home for her content.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 10.58.17 AM

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