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Linda Hudson

When I decided to update my website I turned to a friend who had recently done the same. I loved her site so much that I asked who she had used for the design . She gave me the link to Jami. Once I contacted her, I knew we were a fit. She was warm, charming, professional and clearly very experienced in capturing the perfect solution for what was needed.

Even though I knew I could write it myself, we decided I needed someone who could see me from a different perspective and capture my vision a little differently from where I had been. Jami had a list, all women, ultimately leading to Charlotte Riley, another amazing woman, and together we formed a terrific team. As team leader, Jami always incorporated all the suggestions we had. She worked hard to make sure she got the exact colors, pictures and feel I wanted for the site. She made it so appealing, user friendly and inviting that the site draws you in and calms you down. It is in a word; perfect!

I was dreading this project but Jami and Charlotte made it fun, easy and creative. They worked at my pace and produced a product that makes me very proud. I can not recommend Jami highly enough. I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come. Well done Jami!

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Buz Amason

I needed a total website makeover for the ministry I work for. Jami did a great job of explaining to me the options for my new website, what functionality it would have, and how I could update it. She also worked with me in getting it on a server when I had problems with the server I had been using. Overall, I am very pleased with the look of the website and the support I’ve received from Jami.

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Carly Hanna

We were so impressed with Jami’s vision and depth of experience! After working with other designers, it was Jami that designed the right logo and branding to fit our company. Jami performed beautifully in branding our company, designing our website and laying out our print materials. Her work ethic is stellar and she is always fun to work with!

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Audrey Ryman

Where do I begin? How about starting with JAMI IS AMAZING! From start to finish, she was on top of the ball and incredibly meticulous. (Which is IDEAL for someone designing a website, check inĀ for more help. Jami was responsive and intuitive throughout the process and was also open to changing things if I changed my mind. Jami knows her stuff and I highly recommend working with her. Jami is quite informed of the latest in technical design, she has a fantastic eye, and makes it so that your website is user-friendly while matching features to your level of comfort with technology. She is BRILLIANT! I’m not sure if it is apparent enough how grateful I am that she designed my website.

Working with Jami has been nothing but fun, creative, supportive and I always have a sense that she’s got my back. It has taken all the stress out of my online presence. I now have the support I need to take my ideas and let her make them shine! Jami took my design for my website and made it come alive. While she created my site she gave me tons of tips, resources and mini-lessons that have broaden my knowledge. I highly recommend her to all my colleagues and friends. You won’t be disappointed! Continue reading Audrey Ryman

Callie Waller

You rock! Thank you for a website that is easy to navigate for our most nervous to most experienced parents–and everyone in between! Everything is very intuitive, straightforward, and the visual elements are outstanding! Thank you for your timely responses and availability to us as we neared the beginning of school. You were not only helpful to our PTA leadership team, but to hundreds of parents who visit our website for important back to school information and reassurance! We are glad to be in partnership with you!

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