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Hudson Consulting

Linda Hudson is a therapist in practice in an area West of Atlanta, Georgia. When she came to me, she had an outdated website, both in terms of technology and content. She was shifting her focus and needing a fresh design that would bring her practice forward.

This was my first project working alongside¬†Charlotte Riley of A.C. Riley Communications¬†and, man, it was such a great experience. It gave me so much confidence to put my trust in Charlotte to handle all of Linda’s copy needs and I was j

ust so pleased with how quickly we were able to complete this project.

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Linda Hudson

When I decided to update my website I turned to a friend who had recently done the same. I loved her site so much that I asked who she had used for the design . She gave me the link to Jami. Once I contacted her, I knew we were a fit. She was warm, charming, professional and clearly very experienced in capturing the perfect solution for what was needed.

Even though I knew I could write it myself, we decided I needed someone who could see me from a different perspective and capture my vision a little differently from where I had been. Jami had a list, all women, ultimately leading to Charlotte Riley, another amazing woman, and together we formed a terrific team. As team leader, Jami always incorporated all the suggestions we had. She worked hard to make sure she got the exact colors, pictures and feel I wanted for the site. She made it so appealing, user friendly and inviting that the site draws you in and calms you down. It is in a word; perfect!

I was dreading this project but Jami and Charlotte made it fun, easy and creative. They worked at my pace and produced a product that makes me very proud. I can not recommend Jami highly enough. I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come. Well done Jami!

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Audrey Ryman

Where do I begin? How about starting with JAMI IS AMAZING! From start to finish, she was on top of the ball and incredibly meticulous. (Which is IDEAL for someone designing a website) Jami was responsive and intuitive throughout the process and was also open to changing things if I changed my mind. Jami knows her stuff and I highly recommend working with her. Jami is quite informed of the latest in technical design, she has a fantastic eye, and makes it so that your website is user-friendly while matching features to your level of comfort with technology. She is BRILLIANT! I’m not sure if it is apparent enough how grateful I am that she designed my website. Continue reading Audrey Ryman

An easy solution to database bloat

Every time you create and edit a post, your sweet, genius sidekick WordPress saves it for you – isn’t that so thoughtful? So, don’t worry about your browser crashing mid-post or obsess about having to hit “Save Draft.” The downside to this is that you end up with eleventy-trillion saved versions of your blog post and each of these little guys logs another entry in your database. Bigger databases = longer page load times. Longer page load times = search ranking penalties.

So what’s the fix? How do you get rid of the zillions of versions clogging up your database?

I found this post yesterday by Barry Kooij that gives you a quick and simple way to drop the bulk and streamline your database.

You’ll paste this code in your wp-config.php file:

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 0);

The “0” at the end of your code outlines how many revisions you want to keep — you can change this number to a more conservative one, for example, if you’d like to keep the last four revisions, you’d replace the “0” with a “4”.

Doing this will keep your database free from bloat and running quick and efficiently.

To edit your wp-config.php file you’ll need to get access to the source file directly either through your Host’s File Manager tool within your browser or will an FTP Client, like FileZilla. If you need help with this, gimme a shout!