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Carly Hanna

We were so impressed with Jami’s vision and depth of experience! After working with other designers, it was Jami that designed the right logo and branding to fit our company. Jami performed beautifully in branding our company, designing our website and laying out our print materials. Her work ethic is stellar and she is always fun to work with!

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The Lovett Center

A few years back, I had the honor of working with an incredible woman in Atlanta that was on the ground floor of Brené Brown’s highly experiential methodology based on the research, The Daring Way™. Through this initial connection, I found myself in a delightful referral chain where I have been able to work with several counselors and therapists who have completed or are in the process of completing their Daring Way™ training.

In September of 2014, I was honored to be contacted by Carly Hanna, office manager for The Lovett Center, a community of helping professionals. Given my personal interest in coworking and collaborative work spaces, I was immediately interested in The Lovett Center because of it’s teamwork-makes-the-dreamwork approach to therapeutic work with their clients. In addition, one of the founders of The Lovett Center, Robert Hilliker, served as the Chief Clinical Officer for over three years, working alongside Brené Brown with The Daring Way™.

I was charged with taking over the project after a run with a different designer didn’t work out and I was tasked with branding, web development, social media asset design and print asset design. It was a super fun project and such a cool way for me to, yet again, have a connection with The Daring Way™.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.59.26 AM

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When Melani and I first met at the tail end of 2011, our lives were at an interesting intersection. I had just recently stopped blogging about online dating and she was on the cusp of a commitment to one full year of online dating — at fifty years old!

Yes, believe it. That hot babe in the picture below is not 35, like you might have guessed. Melani is beautiful, inside and out and it has been such an honor to be the one that gets to help tell her story.

After a year of dating online and writing about it on her now-offline blog, 1 Year of Online Dating at 50, she spent the following year writing about her life on her personal brand site, MelaniRobinson.com. When she was nearly finished with her book — a retooling of the blog content from 1 Year of Online Dating at 50, it was time to get things set to launch on a new site, with a slicker brand and a better presentation for her content.

Prior to this design, Melani was working with a standard blog-style theme. With this relaunch, we felt like it was important for her to have a “home” page that gave lots of access to different content without the scrolling-scrolling-scrolling. We also wanted something a bit edgier — still clean and minimal, because that’s Melani’s style — but something that just whispered, “New York.”

She got new headshots, I helped her put together a hilarious intro video (seriously, you should check it out!) and I installed the new design. I’m thrilled with how this one turned out and so very grateful to have a client that “gets” me in a way that feels more like a friend than some stuffy, professional relationship.

Here’s the screengrab which shows you the responsiveness of the site as well as the slick Genesis responsive menu that I learned about from Ozzy Rodriguez at WPBacon.com. I’m especially excited about the menu icons that we’re using from TheNounProject.com, too. We also moved her site away from GoSloDaddy and onto the zippy, well-supported shoulders of my favorite folks over at Flywheel.

Since she’s re-releasing the old 1 Year of Online Dating at 50 content as a book with additional content, we pulled the old blog down and redirected the traffic over to a landing page that will, for now, serve as a space to gather emails in anticipation of the new launch and, when it launches, will serve as the sales page for the book.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.49.52 PM

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Baraka has my heart, seriously. She was the first person to Do The Damn Thing with me, before it was ever given a name. In fact, the program sprung from her desire to learn about her website project as I was building it.

Prior to working with me, Baraka was using a VistaPrint template website that was complicated to update and restrictive in design. Her website was just a thing she had online and not a tool to simplify running her counseling practice.

We built her website with ecommerce in mind to manage ticket sales for her popular women’s circles and writing workshops.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.16.01 PM

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For all the years I probably made my big sister’s life a living hell, I’m making up for it now. Working with my sister on building her website and her brand has been a really interesting process. Our meetings usually consist of the two of us on either her couch or my couch and we’re so in sync with each other’s workflow and design aesthetics that we can usually knock out a month’s worth of work in an afternoon.

Julie is an organizing consultant, compulsive furniture re-arranger and general spacial magician. Her blog, Neat & Pretty has gone through a few different designs but I think we’ve finally found the perfect fit of form + function.

Neat & Pretty

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